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Owner – Director: Harry Schute

Mr. Schute has a great deal of experience in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He entered Kurdistan in April 2003 as the commander of a US Army Reserve Civil Affairs battalion and within two months was the senior US Army commander responsible for the three governorates of the Kurdistan Region.

He later served with the Army as the Chief of Staff for the Coalition Provisional Authority Northern Region Office in Erbil. In these capacities, he travelled to all parts of Kurdistan getting to know people at all levels of society, from the most senior leaders, to the man in the street.

After his Army tour, Mr. Schute returned to Iraqi Kurdistan, spending five months as the Regional Security Coordinator with a Kurdistan based international private security company. He later established Point 62 Consulting, with its base in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. He also serves on the board of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s joint venture private security company – Vigilance Security Company (VSC); and, he serves on the board of the NGO, the America Kurdistan Friendship Association (AKFA). Finally, Mr. Schute is an owner and the Managing Director of the newly formed company, The Other Iraq Tours, which is Kurdistan’s first inward focused tourism company.

Mr. Schute’s military experience was gained over 23 years of active and reserve service as an Armor officer and later as a Civil Affairs officer, where he retired with the rank of Colonel. He also has law enforcement experience having served 10 years as a trooper and detective with the New Jersey State Police.

Mr. Schute has a B.S. from the US Military Academy at West Point, where he was a History major; and, has a law enforcement certificate from the NJ State Police Academy. He speaks Sorani Kurdish and is conversant in German.

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Our Partners

  • Vigilance Security Company (VSC Security Solutions)

    VSC is a joint venture private security company (PSC) operating in conjunction with the KRG. Provides the full range of traditional PSC services to an array of companies from major international corporations to smaller NGO’s.

  • The Other Iraq Tours (TOIT)

    TOIT Is designed to support western tourists traveling to visit the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The company operates in cooperation with the KRG’s Ministry of Tourism. The company provides on the ground coordination for western tour companies as well as operates its own tours for individual tourists traveling to and within the Region.