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Point 62 Consulting

Point 62 Consulting was established in December 2004, in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, to support the reconstruction, development and growth of the Kurdistan Region in the post-Saddam era. The objective of the company is to assist in harnessing the great wealth of personal and natural resources of Iraqi Kurdistan, and provide advice and assistance in utilizing those resources to move the Region toward a secure, growing and vibrant future.

The company provides consulting advisory support to the Kurdistan Regional Government across a spectrum of activities (mainly security), as well as provides consulting services to a variety of international and local companies. The purpose of the latter activity is to identify appropriate project work for those client companies, provide advice on the development and execution of that work, and provide guidance toward the successful completion of the work. Additionally, Point 62 provides security advice, general Kurdistan political advice, and market entry advice for companies desiring to, or already working in Iraqi Kurdistan

Owner – Managing Director: Harry Schute

Mr. Schute has a great deal of experience in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He entered Kurdistan in April 2003 as the commander of a US Army Reserve Civil Affairs battalion and within two months was the senior US Army commander responsible for the three governorates of the Kurdistan Region.

Consultants – Staff

Point 62 Consulting employs a team of experienced and known Kurdish and American personnel.

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Our Partners

  • VSC Security Solutions

    This company is a traditional private security company (PSC), operating with western training and management, but with local know-how and close protection officers. The company is focused on providing security in the oil sector, but operates across all security sectors, to include diplomatic, NGO, and general business.

  • Valuable Trust

    Valuable Trust is a Kurdistani company participating in the following activities: general construction, logistics, import and supply of materials, camp development, water supply and sanitary services, project management (existing, or new), and, project investment and development.