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Consultants – Staff

Point 62 Consulting employs a team of experienced and known Kurdish and American personnel.

These include a group of part time consultants – American and Kurdish – who are all experts in their fields and excellent coordinators and networkers. They are available to work within their areas of expertise on any consulting project that Point 62 may be engaged with. Finding the right path to the solution is the hallmark of these consultants.

Point 62 also employs an all Kurdistani support staff. The support staff is the bedrock that the company’s operations are built upon as they see to the management of the office, arrange the logistics of the office, and ensure safe and secure engagement of the office staff across all of Kurdistan. Quiet professionalism is their hallmark.

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Our Partners

  • VSC Security Solutions

    This company is a traditional private security company (PSC), operating with western training and management, but with local know-how and close protection officers. The company is focused on providing security in the oil sector, but operates across all security sectors, to include diplomatic, NGO, and general business.

  • Kurdistan Iraq Tours (KIT)

    KIT Is designed to support foreign tourists traveling to visit the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The company operates in cooperation with the KRG’s Ministry of Tourism. The company provides on the ground cooperation for foreign tour companies as well as operates its own tours for individual tourists traveling to and within the Region.

  • Yellow Stone Trading

    Yellow Stone General Trading Company is a Kurdistani company participating in the following activities: general construction, logistics, import and supply of materials, camp development, water supply and sanitary services, project management (existing, or new), and, project investment and development.