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Rocket Attack in Iraq Kills a U.S. Military Contractor

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 03/03/2021 - 17:50
Some saw the barrage of rockets aimed at an airport in the northern city of Erbil as a test of the new administration in Washington.
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Seeking Fresh Start With Iraq, Biden Avoids Setting Red Lines With Iran

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 03/03/2021 - 17:50
The administration’s measured response to a rocket attack in Erbil sharply contrasts with a Trump-era campaign against Iran that, more often than not, caught Iraq in the crossfire.
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U.S. Aims to Send ‘Clear Signal’ in Airstrike Against Iran-Backed Militias

NY Times Iraq - Sat, 02/27/2021 - 00:02
On Friday, John F. Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, confirmed that overnight U.S. airstrikes hit a collection of buildings on the Syrian side of a border crossing with Iraq, targeted at members of an Iran-backed militia and an affiliated group.
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Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria Targeting Iran-Backed Militias

NY Times Iraq - Fri, 02/26/2021 - 07:57
President Biden ordered retaliatory strikes against the militias whose attacks in Erbil this month killed one civilian contractor and wounded a U.S. service member.
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Shlomo Hillel, Who Helped 120,000 Jews Flee Iraq, Dies at 97

NY Times Iraq - Thu, 02/25/2021 - 02:51
Working undercover, he used bribes, fake visas and a network of smugglers to bring refugees to Israel in the late 1940s and early ’50s.
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A Decade After the Arab Spring, Autocrats Still Rule the Mideast

NY Times Iraq - Mon, 02/15/2021 - 00:24
The popular uprisings of 2011 mostly failed, but they gave the region a taste for democracy that continues to whet an appetite for change.
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Julian Assange Extradition to U.S. Blocked Over Mental Health Concerns

NY Times Iraq - Sat, 02/13/2021 - 00:49
U.S. officials want the WikiLeaks founder to face charges of violating the Espionage Act. But a judge in London ruled that he was at extreme risk of suicide.
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With Trump Presidency Winding Down, Push for Assange Pardon Ramps Up

NY Times Iraq - Sat, 02/13/2021 - 00:49
Supporters of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have enlisted a lobbyist with connections to the president and filed a clemency petition with the White House.
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Mass Funeral in Iraq Honors Yazidi Victims of ISIS

NY Times Iraq - Mon, 02/08/2021 - 19:01
The remains of 103 men and boys, members of the Yazidi ethnic minority group killed by ISIS in a 2014 massacre in Kojo, Iraq, were reburied in the village on Saturday after they were recovered from a mass grave.
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U.S. Airstrike Kills Top ISIS Leader in Iraq

NY Times Iraq - Sat, 01/30/2021 - 02:19
The joint operation with Iraqi forces was aimed at stemming the group’s resurgence, and illustrates Iraq’s continued reliance on the U.S. military.
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Pentagon Begins Independent Inquiry Into Special Ops and War Crimes

NY Times Iraq - Fri, 01/29/2021 - 03:52
The Defense Department inspector general will examine whether elite U.S. commando forces are doing enough to comply with the laws of armed conflict and hold violators accountable.
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Suicide Bombings in Crowded Baghdad Market Kill at Least 32

NY Times Iraq - Fri, 01/22/2021 - 02:24
Such attacks, once common in the Iraqi capital, have become rarer in recent years as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces have largely defeated the Islamic State.
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Iraq Flouts Coronavirus Precautions Amid Herd Immunity Belief

NY Times Iraq - Thu, 01/21/2021 - 03:02
Even some Iraqi health officials are promoting the false idea that Iraq has acquired herd immunity. Scientists say that Iraq could be in for a major new outbreak.
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Trump Pardons Four Blackwater Guards and Two Russia Inquiry Figures

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 01/20/2021 - 12:25
The pre-Christmas wave of 20 pardons and commutations are not likely to be the last before Mr. Trump leaves office on Jan. 20.
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Why the Capitol Riot Reminded Me of War

NY Times Iraq - Mon, 01/18/2021 - 21:46
I watched the video with my heart in my throat — the rage, the chaos and destruction for the sake of spectacle. It reminded me of battle.
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Trump's Most Disgusting Pardons

NY Times Iraq - Sun, 01/17/2021 - 22:17
Blackwater mercenaries committed a massacre. Now they’ll go free.
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Laura Poitras: Journalism Is Not a Crime

NY Times Iraq - Mon, 01/11/2021 - 03:40
The Justice Department is setting a dangerous precedent that threatens reporters — and the truth.
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Blackwater, Iraq and President Trump's Pardon

NY Times Iraq - Fri, 01/08/2021 - 00:16
Iraqi witnesses against Blackwater guards were promised justice after a mass killing in Baghdad in 2007. ‘Today,’ one said, the bullets still in his leg, ‘they proved to me it was just theater.’
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Iraq, Struggling to Pay Debts and Salaries, Plunges Into Economic Crisis

NY Times Iraq - Tue, 01/05/2021 - 00:09
Oil-rich Iraq, its economy hobbled by neglect and corruption, has devalued its currency and had its imported electricity cut off for nonpayment.
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