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Listen to ‘The Daily’: Big Losses for ISIS

NY Times Iraq - 7 hours 43 min ago
Its de facto capital is falling and its territory is shrinking. But is the Islamic State losing its war, or starting a new one?
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Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the U.S. and Iran on the Same Side

NY Times Iraq - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 04:27
Kurdish and Iraqi forces, both armed by the Americans, fought each other in Kirkuk. Analysts think Iran played a key role in the dispute’s resolution.
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Fallen Troops’ Families Tell of Meeting Presidents: Sympathy and Sometimes Discomfort

NY Times Iraq - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 04:21
President Trump’s condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier was outside the usual range of encounters with presidents, wounded service members and families of those killed said.
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At UN, US Envoy Cites ‘Laundry List’ of Iranian Bad Behavior

Voice of America - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 04:13
U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley lashed out Wednesday at Iran for what she called a “laundry list” of bad behavior, and she criticized the U.N. Security Council for not holding Tehran accountable. “Every six months the Security Council is presented with a laundry list of bad news but only somehow manages to only hear the good news,” Haley said, referring to the twice-annual report the U.N. secretary-general sends to the council on implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal. Haley spoke at a...
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Iraq Will Remain United

NY Times Iraq - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 03:27
For three years, we have battled terrorists — and the odds. We will not allow the Kurds to rip our country apart.
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A Saudi Arabian First: Spokeswoman at Kingdom's US Embassy

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:24
Saudi Arabia is trying to portray itself as ready to join the ranks of modern, tolerant societies. And to help make that case in Washington, the kingdom is relying on the first woman to serve as the Saudi Embassy's official spokeswoman. Saudi-born Fatimah Baeshen has spent years living, working and studying in the United States. She tells The Associated Press that she's "a byproduct of the longstanding Saudi-U.S. relationship." On her first day on the job, the...
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With Islamic State Pushed Out, What's Next for Raqqa?

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:10
They raised a flag in Paradise Square, a notorious traffic circle in which the jihadists had staged brutal public executions, including beheadings, leaving severed heads on display for days afterwards.  And then the victors doughnut-spun armored vehicles around in mimicry of how Islamic State militants celebrated their takeover of the city three years ago. There was relief and pride in the faces of the Kurd fighters as they savored the crushing blow they delivered IS this week,...
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With Loss of Its Caliphate, ISIS May Return to Guerrilla Roots

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 13:00
With the fall of its capital and loss of territory, the Islamic State may be reeling but not vanquished.
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A Marine Attacked an Iraqi Restaurant. But Was It a Hate Crime or PTSD?

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 13:00
After a Marine attacked an Iraqi restaurant in Portland, Ore., his family said he was provoked by trauma, not hate, and that he needed help, not jail time.
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State Department: Kirkuk Crisis 'Not Over by Any means'

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:20
Iraq's military said Wednesday its forces recaptured control of more areas from Kurdish fighters, including the Mosul Dam, after carrying out an operation to reclaim the city of Kirkuk and oil fields in the northern part of the country. The military statement said "security has been restored" in Kirkuk. Kurds had taken control of the area in 2014 during the chaotic sweep by Islamic State militants through northern and western Iraq. The country's central government...
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Could Iran Be Big Winner in Kirkuk Dispute?

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 08:38
The U.S.-led coalition to defeat Islamic State says local forces have retaken 87% of the territory once held by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But as the terror group’s defeat becomes imminent in Iraq, Iraqis are starting to shift their focus to a more complicated dispute: Iraqi Kurds’ desire for independence. As VOA Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb reports, the dispute between two close U.S. allies could allow a U.S.-enemy, Iran, to strengthen its influence on its neighbor.
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Israel Says No Talks with a Palestinian Government that Includes Hamas

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 05:33
Israeli forces raided Palestinian media companies in the West Bank overnight in an operation the military said was carried out in response to incitement of violence against Israelis. Eight companies were ordered to shut down for six months and two people were arrested. Palestinian officials strongly condemned the raids, saying they violated press freedom. Israel's actions came hours after the government announced it would not talk with a Palestinian government that includes the...
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Kurdish Officials Blame Iran as Disputed Territories Fall to Iraqi Forces

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 04:44
Officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government are accusing Iran of playing a key role in the fall of disputed territories in northern Iraq including the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, a claim rejected by Iranian officials. This week the Iraqi government forces backed by Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) marched into the Kurdish-controlled disputed territories after Kurdish forces known as Peshmerga withdrew from the region. "Iranians were leading the battle on Kirkuk and our forces had...
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Lawsuit Claims Three U.S. Companies Funded Terror in Iraq

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 04:37
The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, cited as evidence contracts between the companies and the Iraqi government, leaked diplomatic cables, and the testimony of informants.
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Top General’s Grief Becomes Political Talking Point for Trump

NY Times Iraq - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 04:35
President Trump is testing the reluctance of his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, to discuss the death of his son Second Lt. Robert Kelly, who died in combat in 2010.
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US Lawmakers Hail Islamic State's Defeat in Raqqa

Voice of America - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 01:45
U.S. lawmakers hailed the apparent liberation of Raqqa, Syria, as a major milestone in the fight against Islamic State, but cautioned that the terrorist group retains the ability to mount attacks in Europe and elsewhere, and that the ultimate defeat of IS will occur beyond the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. "It's a great step in combating ISIS. Raqqa is definitely an important piece of real estate, as was Mosul [Iraq]," the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations...
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US Fears Iran, IS Could Be Big Winners in Clashes over Kirkuk

Voice of America - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 23:32
U.S. officials are increasingly worried tensions between Iraq's government and Iraqi Kurdish officials are playing right into the hands of the two forces Washington most wants to contain in the region: the Islamic State terror group and Iran. So far, Kurdish Peshmerga forces seem to have been willing to cede ground, leaving bases and checkpoints as Iraqi forces move swiftly to reclaim parts of the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq. Officials in Washington repeatedly have...
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New Day, New Government: The Rapid Takeover of Kirkuk

Voice of America - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 21:19
“Call someone Arab inside the city and then you can go in,” the Iraqi Special Forces soldier told my Kurdish colleague as we pulled into the main entrance of Kirkuk city. “Really? But we are journalists!” my colleague replied, hoping to skirt the rule by sounding shocked.   “Just joking,” the soldier said, laughing.  “You can go in.” At that, we really were shocked.  On Monday evening we were reporting on what looked like the beginning of a civil war between Arabs and...
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UN Report: Inequality, Denial of Reproductive Rights Threaten Development

Voice of America - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 21:00
A U.N. report warns gender inequality and the denial of reproductive rights and family planning threatens development goals, weakens national economies and will undermine efforts to eliminate poverty by 2030. In its annual State of World Population report, the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) describes the poorest women in most developing countries as the most powerless members of society.   It says the poorest women have the least access to care during pregnancy and childbirth. And...
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Hawaii Judge Bars Travel Order From Taking Effect

Voice of America - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 20:03
A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Donald Trump’s latest order restricting travel which was to go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday. The ruling by Judge Derrick Watson prohibits restrictions on travelers from six countries that the Trump administration said could not provide enough information to meet U.S. security standards. The travel order would have barred to various degrees travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Watson's temporary...
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